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All Clean Starter kit - m/spray flaske 1000043
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All Clean Starter kit - m/spray flaske

Produktet er midlertidig utsolgt. Dersom du ønsker å motta en epost når vi får det inn på lager, kan du legge igjen epostadressen din i skjemaet under.

Everything you need to get started. All Clean is the heart of the Pure Effect's probiotic cleaning concept. Provides 6 months * multipurpose cleaning for the entire home. Replaces previous Allrent - now with easier dosing and higher concentration.

The unique formula is based on an active bacterial culture that effectively breaks down grease, dirt and odour. A cleanser for the entire home that simplifies both everyday life and housecleaning. Includes spray bottle (300 ml) for mixing, and concentrate (30 ml) delivers 20 spray bottles of mixed All Clean.

All Clean can be used on all surfaces that can withstand water – toilet, windows, mirrors, stainless steel, ceramics, kitchen surfaces, stain removal on textiles and more. Spray preferably also on the floor around the toilet to prevent odour. Gentle to materials in your home and ideal for cleaning sensitive materials like marble and other porous surfaces.

Always have All Clean close at hand on the counter. The small bottle replaces toilet cleaners, glass cleaners and traditional multipurpose cleaners. For extra tough challenges, such as lime which require an acidic pH, use specific problem solvers from Pure Effect.

NOTE! Remember to re-oil wood surfaces every now and then to keep them looking good. All Clean is pH neutral and gentle, but breaks down fat. That’s why it’s important to re-oil wood surfaces and floors whenever necessary.

Gently shake All Clean concentrate before use to mix the contents. Fill the spray bottle with water and add two (2) pipettes of All Clean concentrate. Mix a new spray bottle every two weeks for best results.
*6 months’ multipurpose cleaning based on the mixture of new spray every two weeks.

Contents: 5-10% non-ionic surfactant, <5% amphoteric surfactant, phenoxyethanol, dyes, perfumes. Also contains bacterial culture, active fermentation extract and water.
Shelf life: An opened bottle is stable for 2 years. Store as with other cleaning products. Normal room temperature, not in direct sunlight.
Environmental information: This product is easily biodegradable. Sort packaging as cardboard, glass bottles and pipettes as glass and pipette cork as plastic.

Pure Effect is a new generation of probiotic cleaning based on active bacterial culture. Always sustainable and efficient products that pay consideration to you, your loved ones and our shared environment.



Pure Effect

Rent hjem med Pure Effect Sweden


Pure Effect Sweden ble lansert i Sverige i 2014 – og er det første merket på det nordiske markedet som tilbyr probiotiske vaskemidler til hjemmet. Pure Effects tror på bærekraftige innovasjoner, basert på naturens egne løsninger.


Produktene er basert på en aktiv bakteriekultur som renser dypt under overflaten. Rengjøringsproduktene er tøffe på fett, lukt og smuss, men mild mot mennesker og miljø.


5-10% ikke-ionisk overflateaktivt middel,